The Online Magazine , NoahideOnline.com News  is the publications department of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem – Light Unto the Nations Global Group. The Academy itself is directed by the Rabbinical Council of Israel for the Nations and provides teaching, education and guidance to every person around the world.

We expect to share authentic access to Torah knowledge, personal empowerment and social stabilization.


Is to teach and guide those who are not Jewish, through the study and application of the Noahide Code in their daily lives. Torah values address major social challenges around the world. The mission to perfect the world was entrusted to non-jews as well at the giving of the Torah. You share in making God’s vision for creation a reality.Every single human being, Jew and non-Jew, has the sacred obligation to live and promote a life of morality, founded upon the Seven Universal Noahide Commandments.