An Angel who Sees beyond physical objects

Seemingly anomalies come from a high source

I wish to thank you so much, and to encourage you to continue your lectures, regarding your Sunday lectures concerning  the Noahide code.

There are more people out there listening than you perhaps are aware of.  Your Sunday lectures  are the high point of my Sunday.  They are each an inspiration for me, and each are a further inducement to attempt to live a more perfect life, and to try harder to satisfy Hashem.

As I told you, in my past posts, I am congenitally blind, and was born with a condition which causes it to be impossible for me to see, ever, in this life.  As we who are blind, are spiritually “dead”, I wondered why Hashem would cause it to be impractical, if not impossible, for me to make a truly successful conversion to Judaism.  I received the insight.  While listening to your most recent lecture.  It is the quality of service which is most appreciated by Hashem.  Therefore, it is better to serve Hashem from a lower position spiritually, and to give Him a higher quality of service.

Then to attempt to serve Him from a higher position, If the quality of service suffers.  Perhaps to the point of losing my position in the after world altogether.  The highest quality of service I could perform, which would be most pleasing to Hashem would be to remain a Noahide person.  Being such, for me, is not to be placed in an inferior status.  As I had previously assumed, and my total blindness was, by no means, a “slap in the face” from Hashem.

Because Hashem put the exact noahide soul in to this body, which he chose for it to have.  It is not for me to question his reasoning behind his actions.  But, only to serve him as best as I am able to do.  In the state of being in which I find myself.  For this insight, I wish to thank you.  Because it was your lecture this day, which led me to receive such.  I will attempt as best as I can, not to feel envious of the position Jewish people hold in the world to come.  Because I should learn, in this life, to be satisfied with that which I am given by Hashem.  Rather than to attempt to strive for more than he feels it is best for me to receive.

If I were to be granted my wish to convert, I should most likely be most unhappy.  Constantly wondering whether I made the correct decision concerning pleasing Hashem most, and whether or not my decision were based on pride and envy of the Jews position in the world to come.  I should never want to make a conscious choice to displease Hashem.  Who has always, and continues to give me more than I could ever hope for in this life.  Showering me constantly with his enormous love and support.   thank you for the grand and the most marvelous service you provide to us.  Who would surely be spiritually lost without the services you provide to us Noahides.





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