How Benjamin went from protestant to a Servant of G-d!

Coming back to the G-d of Israel


My name is Benjamin Kariuki of laikipia County Kenya.
Here is my journey as a Noahide.
I was born in a Protestant family of Joseph Kariuki and Miriam muthoni in 1985. Brought up in Christian values and worship up to the year 1992 when my parents went to Messianic Jew in Nyahururu Kenya.
So I was rededicated in the new church and we used to practice Sabbath and other Jewish festivals. In the year 1994 my father was made a church deacon  he loved Jewish heritage so he would read for us every Friday evening portions of bible. In the same year we received a Jewish couple who were tourist en- route  Mt Kenya via Narumoru route Batya and Avi Patiel.
They shared their Jewish stories and taught us Hebrew vowels. We kept contact and they would send more Jewish tourist on route to Mt Kenya.
In the following year 1995 a tour   guide from Israel Mr Freish Gilad brought many Jews among them was a Alexander Naki .Who on return to Israel send us a full passover Seder, Tenach (masoretic text)and a book how to become a Jew.
At this time my father called the pastor head of the church in Kenya who were negative to contact with Hallaic Jews. So we stop all reading and study of any Jewish texts.
In year 2006 my father after immense church pressure left the church due to theological ideological difference’.He went to Mr Gichuru his close friend who was studying Noahide and head of Noahide community in Nairobi then.
There he made contact with Rabbi Dr Michael Shulman and he came home with a book the path of a righteous gentile .
The next Saturday I left the church and started my path with internet together with Linus Gitahi my close Friend. We studied together and connected to my dad and rabbi Michael Shulman.
All my brothers Yacov , Silas, Yogev and my sisters Naomi and Hadassah we are now practicing Noahide family under NCLI .
Benjamin Kariuki

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