Being a Noahide, my right of passage    

A personal experience

Growing up on a rural, and somewhat remote, seventy-three square mile sheep and cattle station in Australia was an experience that bestowed life lessons and the importance of G-d upon a young child.  In addition I was blessed to have a father who believed that at the centre of the family was one G-d.  My father, Athol John Seaton of blessed memory, was from a background of Judaism.  My parents did not embrace the idolatry of the “divine trilogy”, and I grew up knowing that there is only one true G-d.  Throughout my life I have always known G-d was there for me, I believed in the power of prayer and Hashem never failed to respond.


There is no authentic documented evidence to prove the “Jewishness” of my parents, only oral family records.  In more recent years I realised that I would need to follow the pathway to conversion and so I began to explore this avenue in 2015.  I spoke with Rabbi Jaffe in Brisbane, began attending Synagogue regularly and even took a “Jewish Heritage” trip to Israel in 2015. The watershed moment came when I met with Rabbi Ulman at Sydney Beth Bin, April 20th 2017.  It was at this meeting that Rabbi Ulman’s infinite wisdom and insight guided me towards the Torah’s reference to the B’nai Noach and the divine code.  Until that day I had never heard of Noahides.


Following on from my meeting with Rabbi Ulman I navigated through the plethora of the sublime to the ridiculous references to Noahides on google and you tube.  Finally I came upon the Noahide Academy in Jerusalem and information regarding the Second Noahide Conference commencing July 2nd 2017 in Jerusalem.  I felt compelled to participate in this conference, my right of passage towards knowledge and piece of mind.  Attending this conference was the best investment I have ever made for my G-d, for myself and for my family.  Suddenly all that matters fell into place within my mind, my heart and my soul.  At this conference on July 6th 2017, I declared (in the presence of seven Rabbis) acceptance of the truth and relevance of the Noahide Code as revealed by G-d in the Torah of Moses.  In less than 3 months I came from searching to soaring.  Blessed Hashem, my passage paid in full.


I sincerely thank the following for their continuing support, encouragement and teachings; Rabbi Levi Jaffe and Rabbi Y Ulman, Rabbi Moshe Perets, Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Rabbi Dr Michael Schulman, Rabbi Dr Shimon D Cowen and Rabbi Yitzchok Dubovick.

Christina Seaton-Thomson 


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