The Light of Jerusalem: Seven Universal Commandments from God for Humanity

A Light Unto the Nations

The Torah tradition teaches

Although G-d created the world giving people free choice, He also gave humans the guidance needed to do good: the 7 Noahide Mitzvot, which predate all other legal codes, and establish an objective definition of “good” which applies to all people. G-d has always been concerned and involved with all the nations of the world.

The Jewish People was entrusted with the purpose to be a “light unto the nations”. This means that our identity is defined by the 613 Commandments of the Torah and our function is to teach humanity the Seven Universal Noahide Commandments. This is in order for you to get full access to the divine tools inside of you and fulfill your divine image, and accomplish your purpose: “To Make this World a Dwelling place for HaShem“.

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