Wouldn’t It be Easier if We All Spoke the Same Language?

The first human being was created singular, male and female at the beginning of creation. Why was the human being created alone? Why did not G-d created immediately a multitude of people? A society, has He intended to become?

The Jewish Sages tell us that it was in order to convey us an eternal teaching: Every human being is like a entire world.  When a person decides he wants to live his life according to HaShem’s Will he as fulfilled his purpose and that of the entire world. No need to conquer a full country, no need for massive political utopic decisions, only you and I can make that difference by living in a way which reflects our Divine Source.

If we all choose to speak a common language, bind to a common set of principles, that would unite us all as human beings, conserving our own unique singularity and cultural traits: name, clothes, gastronomy, art, etc.

It is time for us to bring back the Universal Noahide Code, which helped establish justice, peace and harmony around the world during so many generations.

Here is the Universal Noahide Code:

  1. To believe in the One Creator, is to recognize The Being Who out of Love, created this world. We are commanded, all human beings, not to worship any idols (i.e. statues, people, concepts or philosophies).
  2. To respect the Creator and to praise Him, is to speak kindly of the Being Who sustains the world, for the good of humankind.
  3. To respect human life is to acknowledge that we are all brothers and sisters, and that each one of us carries the “divine image” within himself. We are vessels for the Divine.
  4. To respect marriage, is to respect the cornerstone of the society which is the family.
  5. To respect private property, is to lay the foundation of peaceful coexistence. We don’t take what is not ours.
  6. To respect the life of an animal and nature at large. To feed the animal even before we eat, allowing the animal to rest, is to respect life itself.
  7. To create a judicial system is to bring order to society, to our villages, and provinces, the nations we hail from, as there is no peace without justice.

What is most beautiful about these laws, is the breathing room they provide. They resonate equally in Africa, (North) America, (South) America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and Europe. They are like the guidelines of a great master of music or art: firm, reliable and comprehensive – a foundation upon which, all peoples and every person may build and expand life according to their own singularity and culture.

The Prophet Zephaniah announces that in the future all will speak a pure language: “For then I will teach the peoples a pure language that all of them call out in the name of the Lord, to worship Him with one heart.” (3:9). This prophecy has two practical implications:  The first one is, the observance of the Seven Universal Commandments for humanity. The second one is, that besides the current language spoken in different countries (english, french, russian, chinese, etc) everyone will also understand and speak Hebrew, the language in which G-d conveys His Eternal Will in the Torah.

The Universal Noahide Code is a sacred inheritance for all humanity. Every person on the face of the earth can use it as the basis for his or her life. If we just begin to acknowledge these laws in our daily lives, we will start seeing a different reality in an immediate way, a new future and a beautiful world: RIGHT NOW!

By Rabbis: Yaacov D. Cohen and Moshe Perets

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