What are the Right Questions?

we are All One

The right questions were asked:

What if we are All One? What if we are connected to every detail of creation? To look at the mater or at space (spiritual/knowledge/connection)?

The answer to these three questions is: God the Creator and Eternal Sustainer of All Life Is The One Who Includes Us All! He Is the Only One Who can Sustain Oneness and preserve singularities or specific differences without any contradiction. He Is the Connector, The Connection and the Connected! We can experience it on a conscious level through knowledge. Through the study of Torah. Through the Study of the Universal Noahide Code.

We can do it!

Life is not about miracles. Life IS the most Wonderful Miracle! And God is constantly sustaining it through out infinite love for humanity. He Is So Humble that He hides Is infinity Being, though which all existence comes into being, so to allow us place to exist. Like a parent who want his child to succeed, to let him know he has everything he needs to succeed in the experience of life. Let’s recognize Who Is the Giver of the Eternal breath of life, of the beats of our heart, the feelings of compassion, joy, enthusiasm, serenity and creativity.

Let’s connect to Our Source and by that become connected to all humanity, to all the infinite details of nature, to Become One. Lets’s grab it with both hands and use our free choice to propulse ourselves to a new state of existence, a Redeemed perception of reality: Where All is One and Everything is to Know God!

Movie by Nassim Haramein,
Text by Rabbi Moshe Perets


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