Humanity’s Share in the Jewish Torah

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Those who want to learn deeper about the religious parameters of the Noahide Code, will find here, guidelines for life. This is presented based on the Torah laws compiled by Maimonides (Rambam) in the Mishneh Torah. You will see how a human being’s observance of the Noahide Code is funded upon the acceptance of the thirteen principles of faith. Because the Noahide Code is only a part of the Torah’s commandments, most of which are for the Jewish people, we will discuss the criteria for what a human being is either required, permitted, forbidden or discouraged, beyond his specific universal code. Examples will be brought about the Jewish commandments which are obligatory as fundamental principles for human beings due to their logical necessity (such as honoring parents, giving charity and doing acts of kindness), or optional for the sake of their practical benefits (such formal marriage, and marital relations for the sake of childbearing), and how these differ for Noahides in a small or large way.

This course teaches the fundamentals of the religious parameters of belief and practice for all human beings ( who are not Jewish ) according to the Torah tradition. You will also understand the special permission to observe Jewish commandments that are logically obligated or have a practical benefit, beyond the 7 Universal Commandments, with major practical examples.

During this wonderful course you will:

Learn about the prohibition against “making of new religions

Learn how God’s Words in the Torah were misrepresented and mistranslated by people who innovated new religions throughout the ages.

Beyond the seven universal commandments, you will learn through practical examples about which of the Jewish commandments in the Torah may or may not be observed by Noahides.

Learn the specific religious concepts for Noahides of the framework for a deepening personal relationship between an individual and God.

Learn in a very clear way about the types of relationship that a Noahide may have with the Jewish Sabbath.

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