God’s Original Revelation to Humanity

Essential Knowledge

The mission to perfect the world through the Seven Noahide Commandments was entrusted to all human beings when God gave the Torah to the Jewish People. It will become clear that everyone has the ability to help make God’s purpose and goal for creation a reality. Since Biblical times, a human being’s search to live a life which is objectively moral and good is first and foremost founded upon the Noahide Code.

You have the opportunity to discover a first essential course on the Foundations of the Noahide Code for every person, no matter from which religious background you are coming from. You will first understand God’s giving of the Torah to Moses and the Jewish people, which included the Seven Universal Noahide Commandments for all mankind.  We will explore the ways in which God uplifts mankind and individuals through the Seven Commandments. We will explore the branches of personal and social morality and ethics, which logically result from them. To further understand this, the course will introduce the earlier origins of the Noahide Code, which can be found in the Book of Genesis. We will examine how they presuppose a belief in the One God from the perspective of TorahWe will also cover the subject of prophecy, including the public Divine revelation to three million Jews, who experienced God speaking at Mount Sinai. We will highlight the rationale by which this leads to a faith based on knowledge.

During this wonderful course you will:

Clearly understand the sources of the 7 Noahide Commandments.

Grasp the essential concepts of monotheism.

Understand the phenomenon of prophecy.

Understand the identifiable differences between false prophets and authentic prophecy.

Understand the authenticity of the revelation that occurred at Mount Sinai.

Understand the authenticity of the Torah (the Five Books of Moses with God’s explanations), which was given by God through Moses.

Learn the fundamentals of the faith in one God which is taught in Torah.

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Rabbi Moshe Perets

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