“I Am Happy to Announce…in Holland”

Last week a new website www.dutchnoahidecommunity.eu and facebook group  were launched in deutch for the citizens of Holland by Anne M. Laseur. Anne is a student of the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem. Until now, there was no Noahide active study group available for Dutch Noahides.

The “Dutch Noahide Community will work in close connection with the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem and provide a active social platform online and physically in Holland to build up new relations and allow each one to learn more about the Universal Torah Code of Life!” declared Anne to NoahideOnline.com News.

One of the most important aspects of this new project, is, with G-d’s help, that people who are dynamic and have a sense of initiative organize in their own houses, learning moments, prayers and even celebrations.  That sense of togetherness is often to be re-discovered and we will try to support each other in this connecting process.

“I am happy to announce you that by the end of February, we will, G-d Willing, have a meeting in our home for the first time. All those who would like to join are welcome and may contact me on our facebook group”, said Anne to the NoahideOnline.com News with enthousiam.

By Anne M. Laseur

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