How Gareth’s Life Utterly Changed?!

Ever since I can remember, I have been searching for spiritual truth. Growing up in an essentially mono-religious country like Ireland meant that it was very difficult to research or experience other religions or belief systems. However, like most things, the arrival of the internet changed everything. I now had a world of information literally at my fingertips and I spent years trying on different beliefs to see if any spoke to my soul, but none did. I had resigned myself to generally drifting along with a non-specific spiritual outlook when I came across a video on youtube about converting to Judaism (I have always had a deep-seated respect for Jewish people and their religion).

What intrigued me about this video was that the Rabbi started off by saying that there is absolutely no requirement for a gentile to convert to Judaism to live a good, righteous life in the eyes of G-d and ultimately have a share in the World to Come. I was shocked and amazed. This was the first time that I had ever heard someone from any religion say that you did not have to convert to their religion to be ‘saved’. The rabbi went on to talk about the 7 Noahide Laws, and my life changed utterly.

The 7 Noahide Laws spoke a deep truth to both my mind and my soul and the more I researched them, the more I realized that G-d, in His infinite wisdom, had set out a path for righteous living for everyone in the entire world.


I soaked up everything I could on the 7 Noahide Laws. But, like a lot of things, there was so much contradictory information on the internet, and so many different competing agendas, that I found it difficult to distil what was fact and truth, based on G-d’s  Torah, and what was just somebody’s opinion.

When I discovered Rabbi Weiner, Rabbi Perets and Rabbi Schulman of the Noahide Academy, I knew I had found a source of  genuine Rabbinical teaching on the 7 Noahide Laws which was based on traditional orthodox Judaism and founded on the truth of the Torah and the sages of blessed memory. Baruch Hashem for the work and outreach that the Rabbis of the Noahide Academy are engaged in for the spreading of the Noahide laws to all humanity.


I don’t know if there are any other Noahides in Ireland, but I have set up a facebook page called “B’Nei Noach – Ireland” to try and start some kind of movement to bring those of us there may be in Ireland together (even virtually). Even if you’re not from Ireland, I extend a warm welcome to you to like the Facebook page and help spread the message of the 7 Laws of Noah. I can also be reached on email at I thank G-d Who led me to discover His 7 Laws for all humanity. They have changed my life!

By Gareth O’Flaherty
A Noahide from Ireland


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