Who Was the Driving Force Behind Beauty?

The Personal Story of Annet

Shalom! My name is Annet, and I’m from the Netherlands. Coming from a reformed chr’ístian background in the north of the country, I was even baptized in the church.

When the church closed in the mid eighties, the unanswered questions remained. As a spiritual person I had a lot of questions which the church could never answer. By leaving this all behind, my search for the truth began.

I searched in different places, in different belief systems in order to find answers to my questions, and couldn’t find any which satisfied me. Nonetheless, the deep love I always felt about the beauty in nature remained very alive inside of me. But who was the driving force behind this beauty?

I said to myself :”there must be something beyond my understanding”!

At a certain point I met a small group of people who studied Torah and decided to start learning wit them. It was then, I heard about the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem and the International Conference for Noahides in Jerusalem.

I decided then to join in and travel to Jerusalem to participate in this one of kind Conference in Israel! For me, it was leaving Europe for the first time. Witnessing this very different culture than the one I grew up in, was heartwarming. So real and so inspiring. New insights, open minds… overwhelming.
So alive!

Visiting the Western Wall made me feel very humble. I experienced a deep feeling of connection which will remain with me forever. We went through the tunnels of King Hezekiah on bare foot; to Masada hights on the desert of the Negev and what made a stronger impression on me was seeing the roman camps so close-by!

I learned about the seven universal values of Torah for Humanity and  when I got back to the Netherlands I decided to continue deepening my knowledge through the  online study at the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem. Following the classes of wise Rabbi’s, who are full of enthusiasm, teaching us Noahides the right way to reconnect to our the Divine image with yourselves.

I am very grateful and thankful for the beginning of this new and exciting journey. It felt as being back to my true-self and now following the right path, guided by the Eternal Torah of HaShem, with trust and confidence. My questions were answered.

Everything fell back into it’s proper place. Now I look at the future with new eyes and am sure that we can make this world a beautiful place for HaShem, and that means for every single one of us, human beings.

By Annet Bouwman

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