How This One-week Pelgrimage Changed My World

Anne and her soul-search for truth

My name is Anne and I live in Holland.
I would like to share with you how I discovered the Creator and His plan for me. Then how my path in the observance of the Seven Universal Principles of Ethics from Torah for humanity actually started!

“My whole life I was interested in all sorts of religion and philosophy,  but after a long journey  I left chr’istianity due to rational doubt and a growing inner dislike for the culture of the elevated death of jc.  I was relieved, but a deep longing for  a more deeper connection with G’d still remained”.

Living  in Holland, and brought up in an orthodox chr’istian family,  I had always felt a special love  for Judaism, but it was  a distant love.

One day I came across a text in Jeremia 6: “ Stand on the roads and look, ask about the various paths of history, which path is the best. Walk on it and find rest for your soul”.

It was an eye-opener for me, my soul-search started immediately  and I wrote to Tovia Singer in an impulse if he would bring  my “prayer on paper” to the Western Wall, the Kotel. Nothing happened yet, but a month later I saw a link from someone who mentioned a conference in Jerusalem by an orthodox Rabbi named Moshe Perets. The  same evening I said to my husband: “ Paul, I have to go to Israel by myself”.

This one-week pelgrimage changed my world. Being in direct contact with pure authentic Torah wisdom, this vibrant environment ignited a desire for living a life that is in harmony with the seven laws of G’d for the gentile people.

Most of all I felt a sense of an old and deep belonging.

Things come together as they say and looking back, I see strongly the lovingkindness of HaShem that guided me into this precious  adventure.

From  that perspective I find it very important to learn at the Noahide Academy In Jerusalem and assist in raising awareness  of the Noahide laws and life as expressed in the TeNaCh.

By Anne Marie Laseur

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