“I Felt the Need to Prove to My Family Who I Really Am”.

The Personal Story of Leen Ay from the Philippines

Growing up in a country where christianity was very present, and with different groups standing against other, while following the same book, nevertheless so far from the Original Jewish Torah.
This confusion pushed me to search for the truth.
I started to read the (so called) old testament (The Torah) and and started to realize that there are eternal laws that the Creator established trough Moses.I started wondering and asking myself what is this people, the chosen people, and their laws, and I wanted to know  more about them!
Do they actually exist? Why is that, I don’t hear of them?
Being a housewife of and expat moving from country to country can be boredom. But instead of getting bored, it gives me enough time for my search of truth, and finally I discovered on the Internet talks from different Rabbis on the Noahide Commandments. I discovered that there are many many filipinos who left xtianity. Not aware of the term NOAHIDE or BenNoah yet, I tryed to connect with to them and finally with  HaShem’s Help discoverd it.
Leen receiving her Noahide Declaration signatures by the Rabbis of the Academy during the 2nd Annual Conference in Jerusalem (2017)
What drove me to connect with other Noahides and Rabbis was that, I felt the need to prove to my family who I really am,which after all is not strange. Telling my loved ones that the belief of a man-god is wrong and a capital crime against the Creator, denying His Oneness was completely shocking to them so to say.
As what my husband relayed in his confession on a dinner we have with my sister recalling the moment I told him that I don’t believe in jc anymore was never easy for him. He even thought that something should be wrong with me (lol). But this confession of him is a positive thing and I feel so grateful for it. That was the moment when he said that what I was saying was the truth and what he believed to be the truth was a lie. A Big Lie!
Its sad to know that what is normal is becoming abnormal and what is abnormal is now normal. Almost everyone is soaked into idol-worshiping in our society and humanity as a whole. I’m happy to say that my husband and I  didn’t get involved in gatherings related to xtian holidays anymore.My siblings also left xtianity and hopefully with HaShem’s Help my entire family also will.
We have a strong connection with the Noahide Community in the Philippines and we have constant communication with each other and we also discuss topics concerning Noahide Laws and help each other to grow. The greatest treasure I had in my whole life is to know the truth and being close to HaShem. To have this knowledge that there is only one G-d, the Creator of heaven and earth and all that exists and only through Him we exist. Thank you to the Jewish People,  through which, we Non-Jews, Noahides, may access the awareness of what is  Righteousness  according to the Holy One Blessed be He.
I am so thankful for the effort that you dedicate to Teach and Guide uss.
Thank you Rabbi Perets

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