Celebrations of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at the Bethel Noahide Synagogue in Visakhapatnam, India

On the day of Shavuoth - 5777

“It is the time for Shavuot”, cry out the Jewish people around the globe when the 49 days of counting of the omer ends.  It is one of the three important festivals in the Torah and most awaited day because apart from the agricultural significance a very momentous incident occurred historically, where in the Jewish people were impressed with an identity and divinity that set them apart for a special purpose in this world forever, this incident is none other but the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai by Hashem.

As a Noahide I rejoice on this occasion because I love the One Eternal G-d, His Torah which sustains the world and His people who are his beloved and the moment commemorating the covenant between Him and his people.  But what is there so special for a Noahide that he can rejoice in G-d for his relationship to Him.  It is only then I remembered that Yitro, a non-Jew father-in-law to Moshe Rabbenu was made to be present as a witness at the giving of the Torah on behalf of the gentile nations of the world.  Also, the Torah was given to the Israelites in a desolate wilderness, a place owned by no one and thus owned by everyone.  G-d did this so that the Torah is available to all peoples and that all of Mankind are bound to the dictates of the Supreme One.   So not only a Jew can rejoice on Shavuot, but along with him a Noahide too, cause he is made aware that G-d  is watching over him to keep His commandments.

It is with these thoughts that I prepared myself to commence the Shavuot celebrations with a small community of about 100 called the Bethel Noahide Synagogue in Visakhapatnam, India.   Amazingly, this festive mood was amplified and made even more grandeur with the inclusion of a Bar-mitzvah and four Bat-mitzvahs.  This is the first of this kind of event ever being conducted at our Synagogue and especially on the day of Shavuot.  It was such an overwhelming moment for me as I stood before my community with eager and happy faces before me that this verse came to mind, where it says according to:

Yeshayahu 2:3 And many peoples shall go, and they shall say, “Let Him teach us of His ways, and we will go in His paths,” for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

True, today if my community and I are standing here holding His Torah in our lives it is because of His word came to us from Jerusalem through the teachers of the law via Skype and educating us in the Seven Laws of Noach.  Especially to the Author of the Divine Code Book Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

Not only that I have witnessed people coming from different parts of the state to participate and learn on this great holiday of Shavuoth.

After the Morning Prayer service I taught the community about the significance of Bar and Bat-mitzvahs and its importance in Judaism and how it relates to a Bene Noach and how the parents play a key role in teaching their children the values of Torah.    And after that Five students from our Torah school celebrating their Bar and Bat-mitzvah prepared with their speech stood before the community.  A young man named Jedidiah, came first and kick started the festivity with the speech on the Shema prayer and emphasizing specially on serving G-d with all your heart and how one needs to serve G-d with love and not solely with fear.

He ended his speech with the taking of the oath as a Noahide.  Next were the four young women – Sarah, Amrutha, Adbutha and Sharon – preparing for their Bat-mitzvahs and with their speeches.  Each spoke in their own understanding from the Torah about the commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.”  One lady, spoke about Noah and explaining the verse “Come into the ark.” The Hebrew word for ark, “Teivah”, also means “word.”, when G‑d said to Noah, “Come into the ark,” He was also saying: Enter into the words of prayer and Torah study and there you will find refuge from the raging waters of life.  Another lady spoke about Abraham’s hospitality to the three visitors and briefly spoke about the value of hospitality towards others.

After the young people’s speech it was time for the community to renew their oaths as Noahides.  While I was waiting for the community members to come one by one to take their oaths, I was astonished to

see that before they could come people who came to attend the Shavuot from various places, were coming forward to take their oaths. I was standing in awe of G-d who kept this great turn of events on Shavuot.  First who took the oath was a former pastor who renounced his Messianic faith and was in search of the Truth.  He came and gave his testimony of how he finally came across our Synagogue and found Truth here and took the oath with all his heart as a Noahide.  After him, his family were encouraged and took their oaths too; it was an emotional moment, where they stood before G-d and were willing to take upon themselves His Yoke of the sheva mitzvoth and recognize His Oneness.

Another family also from the state, who previously were church leaders, came forward to tell how G-d’s Torah changed their lives and that they are proud to be called as Noahides and to serve the One True Creator.  Few members from these communities who also were present came forward to take oaths for the first time as Noahide.  Still others individual members who were inspired in the presence of G-d came and took oaths with amazing zeal and confidence.  Few people from far of places who could not attend the event took their oaths in the presence of the community through phone.

I stood in great surprise as to how the numbers of Noahides are gradually increasing and I believe it is not only here but around the world.  And those who already were Noahides renewed their oaths giving a positive and encouraging message of how firm they have become in this walk and recognizing G-d’s True Oneness and are proud to be called as the B’nei Noach.

With this I would like to end by saying that this day was a very unforgettable and most cherishing momentous day for us as community as well as for the other people who participated in this event.

Thanks to Rabbi Moshe Weiner for giving me an opportunity to write about this wonderful event.

Yours truly,


I would like to Participate in the development of the Beth El Noahide Synagogue and Send them Books through the North-South Noahide Global Support Campaign organised by the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem – Rabbinical Council for the Noahide Movement.

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